In view of the fact that not only the international diplomatic relations of a country can be improved through tourist industry, and the prosperity of domestic economic would be greatly stimulated, the government determined to implement a number of important strategies for boosting tourism since 1956. For responding to the government policy, advancing the service standard of tourism in order to gain more foreign exchange, and creating opportunities to feedback community, Mr. Wu Yao-ting, the Chairman of the famous President Group at that time, decided to organize the first large-scale five-star international tourism hotel located in the central southern region of Taiwan.

 Honored as one of the first Ten Outstanding Young Persons, Mr. Wu Yao-ting dedicated eight years in designing and planning the construction of Hotel Kingdom with his abroad and domestic business experiences acquired for this purpose; the ground-breaking was held in 1967, and the grand opening officially set on October 21, 1968 after 21 months of construction and decoration works; in the following year, Hotel Kingdom initiated the business on April 21, numerous foreign and local guests were invited to the splendid event. Since Hotel Kingdom has been built with local funds, the success of this five-star building caused quite a sensation at that moment, businessmen and political celebrities from different countries visited frequently Hotel Kingdom since then.

 Established more than 40 years, the Hotel Kingdom was actually the first local steel structure building, an even more prominent landmark in the relatively not evolved Kaohsiung City. The Hotel occupies 1,600 square meters, and total business area is around 1,6000 square meters, including basement and fifteen floors above ground, a magnificent view can be seen from this 45-height building, identified as a significant landmark in Kaohsiung City in the early times. Apart from 300 luxurious rooms, Kingdom is also equipped with Hong Kong style restaurant, western cuisines, bar, conference room, the most sophisticated performance stage and deluxe banquet hall.

 The most unique decoration is the world electronic clock placed in the lobby of ground floor. A globe stood on the top of silver metal cylinder, the current time of Taiwan is displayed on the cylinder; the electronic clock is a present offered by the internationally eminent brand SEIKO on the Kingdom opening ceremony, there are only two in the whole world, a truly rare and significant object.

 During the past 40 years, the Kingdom faced numerous challenges as economic recession and market downturn; fortunately with the support government by implementing preferential policies and most important, the hard-working devoted by all the staff, the Kingdom is able to overcome all the difficulties, at the same time, Hotel Kingdom plays an indispensable role in promoting the economic activities in southern region by fast responding to the economic pulse. Hotel Kingdom is regarded as top choice for holding meeting, conference and a suitable lodgment by domestic and international business/industry groups as well as numerous tourists, also highly appreciated for its undeniable contribution to the Southern Taiwan.

 Hotel Kingdom has been associated with the booming growth of Yancheng District for quite a long period, a spot frequently visited by numerous foreign travelers and businessmen. Along with the transfer of Kaohsiung metropolitan center, only a few old pubs and the Hotel Kingdom on Wu-Fu 4th Road can be still seen with bright lighting at night. The Kingdom witnessed the rising and fall of Yencheng, an extraordinary memory shared by people in 1950’s and 1960’s. Hotel Kingdom will always be the most remarkable landmark even with the changing time and space.