Wedding Services

 The most romantic memory in the life of old generation is to hold the hand of beloved one, walking together on the splendid red carpet of Hotel Kingdom, to realize the dream of ‘hold your hand, old with you’; how time flies, after decades, the young generation still considers it is the most beautiful dream come true to hold a wild farewell single party, or make a love vow on the wedding ceremony with the blessing of family member and friends at Hotel Kingdom. Let King Hall to witness your eternal love when the moment comes.

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  XO Sauced Scallop

Immerse the fresh scallops air imported from Canada in warm water till 90% cooked and put them aside for later use; fry green onions and ginger till fragrant, add red, yellow, scallops, XO sauce and soup-stock for quick stir-fry. This regularly ordered dish is featured by the natural sweet flavor of fresh scallop.

  Dry Fried Sea Prawns

The strictly selected sea prawn is fried with slowly dry simmered sauce composed of fresh onion, carrot, tomato and vegetable; the nice smell and especially high quality prawn would surely amaze you.

  Steamed Assorted Meats in Chinese Casserole

The chosen shark’s fin, abalone, scallops, sea ginseng, euchaeta, and pork foot all placed in layer in a jar, then add slowly simmered old hen and ham cubs soup-stock, especially made by our chef. The rich and thick broth loaded with the top choice gastronomy materials would without doubt earn your appreciation!

  Festive Platter

The mullet roe of top quality, presently netted squids, Japanese Tanner crab legs, indigenous chicken leg, tossed dried sea grass, and jellyfish are all layer placed in a plate. The mullet roe is enriched with oil keeps its original aroma, along with inshore large squids topped with specially made five-flavor sauce, Tanner crab legs salad and crispy jellyfish, the fresh taste and excellent food texture leave a long-lasting aroma.

  Rice Cake of Mangrove Crab

Quickly fry the ingredients required, including mushroom, dried shrimps, dehydrated onion, squid and pork belly till fragrant, with health beneficial Mangrove crab, the creative work of our skilled chef is brightly red in appearance with an appetizing smell, is always the preferential choice of guests.

  Black Pepper Lamb Filet Shrimp Roll

The most fresh and tender lamb fillet is selected, adding black pepper sauce, shrimp, fresh raw scallop air imported from Canada and taro, for deep-frying to black pepper lamb filet shrimp roll; its unique salty while slightly sweet and crispy taste is widely favored by our guests, is also a regular dish at wedding banquet.