Recommended dishes

 The fresh prawn with lettuce and “shrimp cup with red grapefruit” with especially fresh taste are top recommended as appetizers; pan fried lamb chops with sherry and plump, juicy ‘top lamb chops with rosemary cheese’ are highly suggested as entrée. Furthermore, the restaurant particularly offers nutritious and delicious ‘croissants sandwiches’ and fresh fruit, lettuce salad for more option.

  Braised Ham with Honey Sauce – slice on order

Firstly, apply a layer of yellow mustard made by chef on the selected top quality ham, sprinkle some Italian spices before baking, plug some cloves on the ham, then bake it with tender heat for ensuring a subtle taste. The fragrant smell of braised ham with honey sauce is so strong and desirable, moreover, with crispy skin, delicate and rich succulent ham quality, this dish is always one of the most favored.

  Italian Style Chinese Toona Chicken Roll

After seasoning the selected boneless chicken thigh, adding some fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables for making a meat loaf then place it in steamer. The terrific appearance with fresh while not greasy taste, this different dish will certainly arouse your appetite.

  Mushrooms Tomato Soup Cup

Mushrooms Tomato Soup Cup is made by stir-fry fresh mushrooms and red onion, then put them into a ready tomato cup, adding white sauce and cheese strings before baking. Fresh vegetables are perfectly integrated in this fresh and refined taste of Mushrooms Tomato Soup Cup, which is no doubt the recommended dish by chef.

  Japanese Style Cuisine – Aroma Fish in Sweet Dew

The cuisine Aroma Fish in Sweet Dew is the stewed Katsuo, slightly sweet and salty without any greasy taste. The unique fruit fragrance and appropriate fat of fresh Katsuo guarantee your long lasting flavor.

  Our Signature Dish – Kingdom Beef Noodles

The Kingdom Beef Noodles is especially made by our hotel chef with imported sirloin meat integrating twenty different spices, to stew quite a long time together with cattle bones, finally one egg is placed on top of the ready dish signifying the moon – feature of our signature dish, highly confirmed by numerous returning guests.

  Italian Style Fresh Cheese

Gérard Tirsain, a famous French chef employed by Charles I in 1644, put milk, raw cheese and fresh cream together, and finally made ice cream jelly. The delicate texture is rich with aroma of milk; this neither so sweet nor greasy taste Italian style cream cheese leaves a durable flavor!

  Blueberry Barbary Cheesecake

The cake is named after a place situated in central north of France – Barbary - the original place of ingredients, such as blackberry, cherry, and cheese. The cake is baked with Barbary pure fermented cheese and fresh eggs, the rich aroma distributed in the mouth, while the sense of thick taste would awake your sleeping taste buds.

  Pastry Cake

The golden outer pastry layer of cake is gently salty but not unpleasant greasy; the soft and dense inner part texture magnificently matches with crispy skin, creating a delightful sensation.

  Fruit salad

A variety of seasonal fruits are used to go with sauce specifically made by chef, fresh, sweet and delicious are not enough to describe its unique taste.